Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We're coming back quickly...

I haven't theorized in months on here. I really miss it. It's unfortunate that I'm so dry (code words added) and technical and some people would burn all of their money before using my theories, but I know my narrative structure is without match.

If only I still didn't love SW Development too much... But then six figures sitting in a chair is close so I can take my time and find the person who wants to print my shit - I mean it's all shit right...?

Anyway, I need to expound upon my Story theory but I've been real busy with scripts and work and trying to start a business so I guess the three people who read this blog can forgive me a bit.

But then I have a story right now that I think would sell from the title and log line so there's that.

More to come...I hope...