Sunday, January 24, 2016

Modern Cinema and The Hangover Effect

Yes, good people, we're back with another episode of...Modern Cinema (fanfare and trumpets commence).

As the title says we're goign to dissect the smash HITS, THE HANGOVER 1 & 2. They are both very cinematic in their presentation, though they do present R-Rated Adult humor. But then let's look at that.

Well, to view the film from beginning to end there was very little R-Rated about the first. There were ZERO sex scenes, ZERO drug use, but they did say fuck a lot. This is perhaps why it did so well as we can imagine the debauchery but the problem with the best "cinema" party is always the aftermath and that provides more anticipation, mystery and closeness to the characters as you discover things as they do.

Revealing of the Blog

Howdy folks,
It's been three years since I've made a post here. My day job got real busy and actually got fun after seeing what writers go through. Especially if they're black.
I've written some good movies, but too many excuses for making crap from someone who "paid their dues."

I'm working on turning this blog into a screenwriting book. More news later...

Monday, February 27, 2012

Time flies when you don't give a fuck

Hollywood has to be the most depressing industry ever. After this Oscars, who wants to work with them? Not me.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We're coming back quickly...

I haven't theorized in months on here. I really miss it. It's unfortunate that I'm so dry (code words added) and technical and some people would burn all of their money before using my theories, but I know my narrative structure is without match.

If only I still didn't love SW Development too much... But then six figures sitting in a chair is close so I can take my time and find the person who wants to print my shit - I mean it's all shit right...?

Anyway, I need to expound upon my Story theory but I've been real busy with scripts and work and trying to start a business so I guess the three people who read this blog can forgive me a bit.

But then I have a story right now that I think would sell from the title and log line so there's that.

More to come...I hope...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Rant for today

Everything sucks.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Well,, we're almost back.

Howdy wrongers, writers and others. Just a little post to update the blog. Many things have been percolating since my "Revealing of the soul" posts. Mainly visual stuff, but that doesn't really gel well with the current blogging phenomenon.

The discourse is all but dead, replaced by the not-so-self-help blogs of flash. Unfortunately the discourse is the root of cinema as you can't copyright an expression or a gesture or a flickering of light.

I've still been creating new stories and working on existing ones but having just moved and still settling into a day job (spent most of my money) I'm not in find, send and sweat mode right now.

Wait the sound of that sucks. No wonder I'm a writer.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Moment of Silence for The Mystery Man

Yes, the unthinkable has happened. One of my mentors and I hope friends has passed away. I never knew his real name but I feel that I knew him. He was one of the first "non-gurus" I ever came across when I began the path to being a screenwriter.

We discussed everything from sex in cinema, doing away with character arcs to four act structure and visual storytelling.

This is a really sad day for me as I was missing him ever since he changed from Blogspot to Twitter.

Go here for some of the best analyses of film you can get for any price:

In his memory I'll be reposting some of his articles for the next few weeks.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hiatus ahoy!

I just realized it's been two months since I posted a new post. I'm in a funk right now and don't really give a shit.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Indie Gold

Howdy folks,

We've got something a little different today. Rather than boring everyone with dry theory we're gonna do a spoiler free review of a cute little film called One Too Many Mornings (

It's the story of two old friends. One - Fischer - lives in a church for free and has a party every night. The other - Peter - runs away from a five year relationship and comes to stay at the church. They drink, party and laugh for days. Fischer tries to convince Peter that his girlfriend is no good and goes as far as to even curse her out on the phone.

Things come to a head as Fischer's drinking gets way out of control, causing him to nearly lose his cushy job and home at the church. He tells Peter to do something to him if he ever drinks again. Peter does...something rather funny and effective.

Finally, Peter's girlfriend comes to see him and after a few near misses they reunite and we find why he really left. After things have gone South with his Pastor and landlord, he finally gets a date, though most of his encounters are filled with drunken slurs and casual sex.

To avoid spoilers we just glossed over minor points so if you want a few good laughs check it out today. The film maker you help maybe your own.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mysterious ways...Not out like I thought

Howdy folks,

The time has for all good men... damn it Off topic already. I really need to get my banalities in order. Ehhh, fuck it. It's all served me well thus far. There is a lot to be said for a person who doesn't actually have a personality, only a function. Right now the function is cinematic excellence.

The funny thing is that I was inspired by a hero who failed me and it is the most liberating experience I've ever had. I've long tried to be accommodating through ultimate hardship and be the better man in BAD situations.
My path though has forced the return of the Poet that will NOT be denied and I'm glad that I chose to take a huge chance, relying only on faith in the power of study and hard work.

I had to make really difficult decisions recently and hope that I can handle them gracefully without obscuring my real motivation, that cinematic excellence thing.

I have found that - to wax biblical - a prophet is never respected in his own country. I'm nobody but hey this is a spontaneous post to help me relax for my next moves. My short has been getting some good people attached and I think it will be a great film for it's target demographic.

I've still not finished my Master's thesis script but I have had the opportunity to compile three years of work into a forward thinking hypothesis that should allow me to quickly and efficiently produce popular narratives.

I mean I could soup up some of my club exploits or some of experiences as a houseless person with a job in an office - well I did live in a movie theater though. It was a funny thought while worked at Microsoft after flipping a few birds for my Bachelor's program where my head exploded cause I was trying to prove my Big Bang Theory (I found Einstein did agree after I sewed my brain back up). Or hell I could dig into my basic training or AIT or even Airborne duty assignment.

The problem is that I plan on shutting out the entire world and sitting on the beach for a week or two. I love NY but I LOVE LA.