Monday, May 5, 2008

Great News for a Tired Writer

Yes, after a serious funk and being at the end of my rope (fortunately perhaps, I'm the homicidal type), some really good news came this weekend. I actually got involved with a writers group a few months ago and last weekend, we did a 5 page script read of my well underway Political Thriller.

Everyone loved it. Out of the 10 or more read, mine got the best feedback on pacing, dialogue, white space and readability. I guess my crazed PhD program is working pretty well. I managed to even keep my job.

Also, I have THREE, count em, THREE ProdCos waiting on scripts, so my schedule seems to be good. My goal is to start a movie this year, whether it be an indie or a sale or an assignment.

I found out about a federal program (Section 181 of the Jobs Creation Act of 2004) that allows private investors to write off 100% of their investment as the money is spent. I'm thinking about finding some investors and filming a horror film.

I may even start blogging again. WooHoo!


Rene said...

Bleh. Writing groups. I love 'em and hate 'em. Glad you're enjoying them and getting something out of the feedback. My experience has mostly been useless compliments that don't really help me improve as a writer.

Btw, what is a ProdCo?


Christian M. Howell said...

Yeah, they're pretty good in some ways, but really bad in others. The one I'm in has a good moderator and some cool guests.

BTW, ProdCO is short for production company. As a developer I try to shorten every phrase. Wait I do that as a writer too.

Rene said...

Ah, Production Company! Of course.

In other news, looks like the actors are gonna strike. I'm planning on picketing with them on the weekends. Maybe I'll get in touch with some good people. We'll see.