Thursday, August 2, 2007

Just my luck

This is a short post that I just had to make. Recently I was working in Melville NY and though I wanted to stay (why I don't know - oh yeah it was an office full of T&A) I ended up getting a new assignment in midtown Manhattan (yes the land of beat up jeans).

The first day I came to work I was a few days from receiving my first license of Final Draft (yes I have two) and to my surprise the heavens opened and pouring through was what looked to be the HQ of my favorite company - get ready for it - Price Waterhouse Cooper.

Yes that's right I walk right by the very building where the Oscar Awards are tallied. I wonder if that's a sign? I don't know but I'm definitely writing more touching dramas now.


annabel said...

I'd take it as a sign if I were you! Go get 'em!

Christian M. Howell said...

Thanks. My true goal is to be recognized by the Academy, regardless of the box office such a project may obtain.

Though I guess it is possible to do both with the help of readers.

My fingers aren't actually crossed but I do read too much.