Thursday, August 16, 2007

When do you start a new script?

We're back again. This is the first tiem we've posted twice in a day but I just had an epiphany - or maybe it's a hangover LOL. Kidding. I kid.

This post concerns when you should start a new script. Should you force yourself to work on one at a time or should you let the wind blow to the scenes you want to write today?

The hell if I know. I haven't gotten a year into this yet so I guess I can find out the answer as others do. Right now I am working on a fantasy comedy and as I was working on a logistical issue (getting everyone in a middle school), I just had the feeling i should work on another film that is serious in nature and rather uhhh, how should I say, sexual.

So should we start something new when the current one has issues or is sailing smoothly or is tempting you to end it all?

Again, I don't know but I do know that when I work on two different genres I seem fresher when I go from one to the other. Don't know why. Maybe it's because I can clear my mind of one but not feel guilty for letting writing time pass without any pages.

So I guess the ultimate answer is:

Whenever you want. Just don't write until you have an outline or sequence map.

And remember:

Keep writing as writing is the revealing of the soul.


annabel said...

I suppose it is different for each writer. I have to stay focused on one script at a time. Once I move on from something I tend to lose interest in it and it never gets finished.

Anonymous said...

Personally when I am stuck instead of suffering a writer's block moment,I take some time away and fire up another idea and run with it. Also, if I am sitting on the crapper in the morning and I get an epiphany of an awesome car chase scene (while I am writing a western) I'll fire up the software and nail down that chase scene while the it is fresh and hot. More times than not it is in pen and paper, but I like keeping more than one project going

Christian M. Howell said...


That's what I figured but I think it is a good idea to jump back and forth as every time I do I get a good idea for another movie.

An example is I'm working on an action adventure, I got stuck while researching a location.

I went to another script farther along and voila, move the location slightly and you fix all the logistic problems.

And just as a bonus, the fantasy comedy I left hit a snag and writing on the action\adventure gave me the idea to make the protag an only child. It actually let me throw in a better dark moment and an explanation for the protag's quirky behavior.

Of course, everyone has their own way of writing and I wouldn't say change what you do, but it does spice things up a little.


Yep, I actually keep more than one Final Draft on two computers so I can write at work and at home.

I just think a page is a page is a page. There are times when I'm not blocked, but I feel like I would rather work on a different story.

Sometimes I'll just spitball ideas or start a sequence and character map for another story.